CNWL International

We are specialists in community-based physical and mental healthcare and a member of the world-renowned NHS family.

Whether the Trust is providing services to patients in the UK or to customers overseas, providing high quality services that meet the particular needs of those who use them is our number one priority. 

We aim to employ only the best people and CNWL experts have been called upon to contribute to national and international health strategy and policy (with many models of our care being adapted for use in other countries). 

We welcome the recent commitment within the NHS Long Term Plan for providers to support the global export of UK-led NHS innovations. Furthermore, with Healthcare UK actively targeting up to £7 billion a year worth of overseas healthcare opportunities over the next decade, there has never been a better time to showcase the 70 years collective expertise of the NHS to the rest of the world.

Our work

Globe to represent the work that CNWL does internationally

CNWL works with patients, carers, governments, health organisations and public, private and voluntary sector providers to really understand the local context and develop healthcare services that make a real difference to a individuals health and wellbeing.

CNWL international has a dedicated team of professionals with backgrounds in international relations that can support our potential international partners to deliver first class, bespoke healthcare programmes. Our International Services include:

  • Consultancy (clinical and healthcare management)
  • Strategy design and implementation 
  • Design and implementation of clinical models
  • Mental health specialities
  • Community physical health services
  • Specialist health services including Addictions and Sexual Health
  • Training and development solutions for a sustainable workforce
  • Mental Health Nurse and Doctor Placements and observation programmes
  • Conferences.

CNWL also has a long history of working with staff and students from overseas, for whom English is not a primary language. In our home market, we operate in a culturally diverse population (with over 100 first languages spoken). We are therefore well placed to meet not only language requirements but also understand cultural issues.

Middle East

Healthcare Trade Mission to Qatar: March 2018

In partnership with Healthcare UK, CNWL was one of a number of UK organisations to take part in the healthcare trade mission to Doha. This provided us with the opportunity to visit and meet with the key state run healthcare agencies as well as with notable private healthcare providers. This trip provided us with great insight into the excellent quality of existing facilities already present in the country but also showed us which gaps exist where we might be able to assist. We remain keen to further develop the network we commenced on this trip with a view to future partnerships.

Arab Health 2019: Dubai

Having been so impressed with what we experienced in Qatar, we are very interested in further understanding of healthcare systems across the Middle East. To this end, we will be visiting Arab Health in Dubai in January 2019 with a view to ascertaining where our services might be required and to develop long standing and successful future partnerships across this region. If you are attending and would like to meet us please contact


We run training and clinical observation programmes for senior doctors and nurses ranging from two weeks to three months, and engage in policy development work covering integrated health and social care with various partners across the country. Below is a recent picture of Chinese placement nurses and doctors

Workshop in Addictions, Placement of Chinese nurses and doctors 2017


We are engaged in scoping work as part of the wider Indo-UK Medi-City collaboration to set up 11 healthcare and education sites across India, and have specifically advised on addictions services in Punjab as part of the project

Sri Lanka

Our Learning Disability Service has worked with mental health services in Sri Lanka to develop a training programme for doctors

Africa (Tanzania Link programme)

Staff from the Tanzania Link

Staff from the Tanzania Link

In 2010, CNWL established a link with Mirembe Hospital and Nursing School in Dodoma, Tanzania. The link is a mental health partnership which encourages two way learning, supports capacity building and enhances professional development in both organisations. 

Priorities and improvements for the link have included:

  • Therapeutic management of violence and aggression and breakaway training
  • IT development
  • Support for the opening of a new substance misuse centre at the hospital
  • Developing occupational therapy.


The International Centre for Arts Psychotherapies Training in Mental Health (ICAPT) was established in 2011 to build upon the excellence of arts psychotherapies clinical expertise and to offer training for evidence-based models more widely. The aim of the centre is to provide a better experience for patients where interventions are guided but not prescriptive and are informed by the latest research without losing the intuition and innovation of which arts psychotherapists are known for.

The priorities of the centre are to:

  • Offer training in mentalisation-based arts psychotherapies, interpersonal arts psychotherapies and interventions for psychosis
  • Develop clinical research and quality improvement projects for arts psychotherapies within mental health services
  • Develop dialogues with service users about what works for whom
  • Build an international community.

NYC Conference – coming soon 

Save the date - Second International Arts in Healthcare event.

CNWL's Professor Dominik Havsteen-Franklin will be speaking at the Second International Arts in Healthcare event, which will take place in New York, USA from 3-6 October 2019. The topic of discussion will be 'Advancing the Art of Mentalising: Reimaging Otherness.'

For further information and to make an enquiry, download this poster (PDF)

 Work with other international organisations

Brent nurse in Swaziland on HIV Prevention Mission

Brent nurse in Swaziland on HIV Prevention Mission

A number of staff from CNWL have worked with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Projects include:

  • Relapse prevention training both on the methadone treatment programmes and prison services in Mauritius
  • Psychological intervention training and the setting up of a methadone maintenance programme (MMP)
  • A two-year masters training programme with over 10 African countries and South East Asian countries such as Vietnam
  • Capacity building development programmes for countries such as Seychelles, Ethiopia, Cape Verde and Madagascar, and assistance in writing bids for Global Aids Funds
  • Masters training sessions in Serbia for South Eastern European countries including Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia.

Find out more about our international work: 

Contact us

For further information about how CNWL can help your organisation on an international basis and build in-country capacity and expertise, please contact our International Commercial Lead, James Pool

Tel: +44 (0) 203 214 5392 
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