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Go get your flu jab – flu clinics open this week

09 October 2019

Last week, we launched our CNWL flu campaign with the release of the Trust’s version of Peggy Lee’s 1950’s jazz song, “You Give Me Fever.” The film starred our staff who danced and mimed the flu lyrics down the aisles of St Pancras wards. The song was performed by Soundforce, an eighteen piece jazz ensemble, who also starred in the film.

Flu jab music video filming

Filming for the 2019 flu jab video

Did you know three out of four people carry the flu virus but show no symptoms?

This year, NHS leaders have announced that all frontline staff will be expected to get a flu vaccination to help protect patients.

This week, our staff clinics opened and our peer vaccinators began giving out vaccinations in their local areas.

Peer vaccinators are nurses who have volunteered to have flu immunisation training, and deliver flu injections in their local areas.

CNWL Peer vaccinators

Hurray for peer vaccinators!

Last year, over 76% of front line staff received the flu vaccine, and the Trust congratulated the peer vaccinators with an afternoon of cake. 

If you’re a CNWL member of staff, you can drop into CNWL's Occupational Health Service at St Pancras Hospital (South Wing) in Camden, Monday – Friday from Monday 1 October until Friday 21 December (9.30am- 4.30pm) to get your free flu jab – no appointment necessary, you only need to bring in photographic identification. You can also check the flu page on Trustnet for a full list of staff clinics.

If you’re a member of the public, simply go to your local GP and ask for a flu jab.

Remember, getting a flu jab will not give you the flu but it will provide you with the best defence against the virus.