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Surrey residents can now order contraception online

11 June 2019

Surrey residents can now order the pill online from the CNWL sexual health website.

This includes

  • New or repeat progestogen only pill
  • Repeat combined pill (for existing sexual health patients of CNWL only)

For other contraception services such as an implant or coil fitting, an appointment is still needed.  

Mark Maguire, CNWL’s Sexual Health Service Director, said: “This means people no longer have to book an appointment for contraception, the service goes to them. It’s another service in our range of online services to make it easy for people to look after their sexual health. It complements what is offered from our Surrey clinics and through our clinical outreach; if someone prefers to come into the clinic they can still do that.”

How to order the pill online

The process is quick and easy

  • Go to the CNWL sexual health website
  • Follow the steps on the homepage to complete a short medical history. This will determine whether it is best to see a clinician face-to-face or use the online form.
  • A clinician will review the order and confirm
  • You will be sent a free prescription by tracked delivery (or the offer of a face-to-face appointment, if required)
  • Take this to any pharmacy to collect the prescription

When completing the form online Surrey residents will be asked to complete a health self‑assessment.

Every questionnaire is reviewed by a clinician and if any answer indicates that someone is not eligible for contraception, or a more detailed face-to-face clinical consultation is required, then the service will contact them.

CNWL sexual health also offers home-testing kits in Surrey, using the CNWL sexual health website.