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Talking Therapies and Community Well Living services exceeding targets

11 September 2019

CNWL’s Talking Therapies Service and the Community Living Well Service have helped over 26,000 patients to enter treatment over the last year, with 145,000 appointments offered on the phone or face-to-face. Many more patients have received digital therapy with telephone support offering an accessible way of receiving support and advice.

The service has consistently exceeded the ‘entering treatment’ targets, and they’ve also exceeded the 50 per cent recovery targets, across all the Trust’s North West London services.

The service offer essential treatment at the right time for those with anxiety and depression. The staff in all the teams have reached out directly to communities, working closely with third sector partners, to increase awareness of the service. We are also working with other health professionals delivering care to people with long term conditions and patients accessing perinatal services to raise awareness of the availability of the service.

The service has also employed a wellbeing lead who looks after staff and is involved in organising:

  • A buddy system for new staff
  • Staff feedback
  • Away days
  • Yoga
  • Other wellbeing activities

The service promotes an open culture where staff can freely talk about their feelings and work to support each other.

Patients can access the services in North West London by visiting the CNWL Talking Therapies website or access the Community Well Living Service via their website.