Standards you can expect from us

Service users and carers can expect a high standard of care in all their contacts with the Trust. This applies to any contact with the Trust, including informal queries and initial assessments.

Below, we have set out out the minimum standards people can expect under Care Programme Approach (CPA) or Lead Professional Care (LPC) arrangements for mental health services. The only difference between arrangements for CPA and LPC are practical ones based on levels of need and the number of professionals who are normally involved.

Professional support

CPA: Support from a care co-ordinator (who is trained and has care co-ordination as part of their job description and a significant part of their work).
LPC: Support from an identified lead  professional who takes that role as part of their clinical/practitioner work. The service user manages their own self-directed care, with support.


CPA: A comprehensive multi-disciplinary, multi-agency assessment covering the full range of needs and risks.
LPC: A full assessment of need for clinical care and treatment, including risk assessment, complemented by assessments by other agencies where appropriate.

Fair access to care services (FACS) (social care eligibility criteria)

CPA: An assessment of social care needs against FACS eligibility criteria (and assessment for a personal budget if eligible).
LPC: An assessment of social care needs against FACS eligibility criteria (and assessment for a personal budget if eligible).

Written care plan

CPA: A comprehensive formal written care plan including recovery goals and plans to support safety.
LPC: A clear understanding of how care and treatment will be carried out and when, with details of who to contact in an emergency (usually a clinician’s letter).

Review of needs

CPA: Ongoing review, formal multi-disciplinary, multi-agency review: at least once a year but likely to be more frequent.
LPC: Ongoing review as required: at least once a year.

Review of need for CPA/LPC

CPA: As part of any review, consideration of continuing need for CPA support.
LPC: Continuing consideration of need for support, or CPA support if circumstances change.

Support and assistance

CPA: Recognition of potential need for advocacy support.
LPC: Self-directed care, with extra support if necessary.

Involving carers

CPA: Carers identified and supported, with agreements about their level of involvement, and arrangements to assess their needs as carers.
LPC: Carers identified, with agreements about their level of involvement and informed about their rights to assessment of their needs as carers.