National Problem Gambling Clinic

The National Problem Gambling Clinic provides treatment for problem gamblers living in England and Wales aged 16 and over. We assess and treat the needs of problem gamblers as well as their family members or carers.

The clinic helps people overcome problem gambling. This service is led by a consultant psychiatrist and staffed by psychologists, family therapists and debt advisors. Our outcome data shows most people who complete treatment overcome or significantly reduce their gambling problem.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Individual and group treatment over a number of weeks
  • Regular support groups while you make changes in your life
  • Help if you relapse
  • Working with you to manage your money better
  • Advice on employment, social and relationship difficulties
  • Practical support for your family or people close to you who may also be affected
  • Employer assistance programme for businesses linked to gambling.

How to access these services

For more information, please visit the National Problem Gambling Clinic website.

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Where can you find this service?


Need help in an emergency?

  • The clinic is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Please do not email us in an emergency - you should call us/ contact your GP/ go to A&E or call the CNWL Out-of-Hours Urgent Advice Line: 0800 0234 650
    CNWL Out-of-Hours Urgent Advice Line