Community matrons

Community matrons provide proactive management of long-term conditions, enabling and educating patients to help them live with and manage their disease.

The service has five main functions:

  • Clinical: community matrons have advanced nursing assessment skills and knowledge in managing long-term conditions.
  • Care coordination: the service helps to manage care across providers, supports admission avoidance and timely and organised hospital discharge, and proactively addresses patients’ future care needs.
  • Communication: the service provides timely and ongoing communication with the patient, their general practitioner (GP) and their family.
  • Coach: community matrons empower the patient to self-care and help them to understand their conditions.
  • Care champions: the service helps patients to plan and achieve their care preferences and goals.

Eligibility criteria and referrals

Eligibility criteria and referrals vary according to location. For details, choose a service from the list below the map.

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