Tissue viability (complex wound care) services

Tissue viability (complex wound care) services provide care to patients with a complex tissue viability problem or a non-healing deteriorating wound.

The specialist team assists other healthcare professionals in the care and management of patients with complex wounds. They do not provide total care, just the expert support needed to deliver the appropriate management.

The majority of patients seen by the service will have leg ulcers and pressure ulcers. The service provides specialist nurse wound care assessment, which can involve a Doppler assessment for leg ulcer management and treatments, and pressure ulcer risk assessment and treatment.

The team also offers treatments for patients with burns, and surgical procedures for non-healing wounds or similar problems related to skin integrity, such as venous eczema and varicose veins, or chronic lower leg oedema.

The service is provided in the community, in patients' homes (including nursing homes) and in clinics by qualified nurses with specialist education and experience. For patients who are housebound, nurses will visit with community staff.

Services also provide an ongoing comprehensive education programme based on evidence and expert opinion for community and primary healthcare professionals, on all aspects of wound management.

Ambulant wound care services

Patients requiring care for wounds which take more than 15 minutes to dress and who are able to attend clinics are seen by Camden Integrated Primary Care Service, and Hillingdon Ambulant Wound Care Service.

Eligibility criteria and referrals

Eligibility criteria and referrals vary according to location. For details, choose a service from the list below the map.

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