Paediatric physiotherapy services

Paediatric physiotherapy services provide assessment, diagnosis and therapy for children and adolescents who have movement disorders as a result of injury, illness or disability.

The service also sees children under five who present with a musculoskeletal problem. 

A specialist paediatric physiotherapist assesses each child and sets up a treatment plan in consultation with the child and their parents or carer. Physiotherapy treatments include movement, exercise and manual therapy, such as massage or heat treatment, rather than drugs or surgery. Treatments take place on an individual basis or in a group session, depending upon the child’s needs.

Children are encouraged to take an active part in their physiotherapy treatment and are usually provided with an individual home exercise programme which complements the treatment they receive in sessions.

Eligibility criteria and referrals

For details of eligibility criteria and referrals, see Hillingdon Paediatric Physiotherapy Team.

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