Court diversion and vulnerable offender services

The aim of the service is to identify offenders with learning disabilities within the courts and the prisons, assess the extent of those needs and makes recommendations for more suitable interventions.

What we do

We offer specialist assessment and treatment for learning disabled offenders who have problems with:

  • Violent behaviour
  • Inappropriate sexual behaviour
  • Extreme challenging behaviour
  • Self injury
  • Dual diagnosis (learning disability and mental illness)
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder

What we offer

  • Screening for individuals who may have learning disabilities and may benefit from further specialist assessments and intervention.
  • Make a recommendation, where appropriate, for formal psychological/psychiatric assessments and ensure that the offender receives the appropriate specialist service intervention.
  • Offer the Court alternatives to custody to support an offender with a learning disability, for example, access to  specialist inpatient services at the Kingswood Centre and the Seacole Centre, or signposting those individuals not eligible for custody to other community services that could appropriately address their needs.
  • Provide specialist multi-disciplinary treatment for vulnerable offenders such as nursing, psychotherapeutic intervention and reasonable adjustments, such easy read documents.
  • Reduce the likelihood of re-offending.

Where we operate

The service is based at the Kingswood Centre with assessments being  carried out in HMYOI Feltham, HMP Holloway as well as Hendon and Hammersmith Magistrate Courts.

How to access these services

For more information please contact:

Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust
Medico-Legal/Vulnerable Offender Services
The Kingswood Centre
134 Honeypot Lane
London  NW9 9QY

Tel:  020 8238 0900
Salma Ali, Learning Disabilities Court Diversion Practitioner
Dr  Scott Galloway, Clinical Director & Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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