Psychiatric intensive care units (PICU)

These wards create a safe and controlled environment to look after acutely disturbed psychiatric patients, whilst also respecting privacy and dignity.

Psychiatric intensive care units provide mental health care and treatment for people whose acute distress, absconding risk and suicidal or challenging behaviour needs a secure environment beyond that which can normally be provided on an open psychiatric ward. High staffing ratios allow for intensive input to resolve issues quickly.

PICU wards specialise in the assessment and comprehensive treatment of people with a broad spectrum of acute and enduring mental health needs. They provide care and treatment to inpatients who are experiencing the most acute phase of a mental illness. Our aim is to manage and reduce the risks associated with acute episodes of mental illness.

Our proven programme of care and therapy develops the living skills, insight, education and confidence required for patients to return safely to an open ward or to the community.

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