Children's inpatient services

Collingham Child and Family Centre has developed a unique model of care for children with a wide range of complex and severe mental health problems.

The idea of inpatient care requires a huge leap of faith for the child, family and referring professional alike. We do not underestimate this process but truly believe that, for the small number of deeply troubled children and families whose lives have become strained beyond endurance, an inpatient admission may offer a real hope of respite, understanding and the possibility of change.

Our highly experienced and dedicated multidisciplinary team is committed to offering the highest standards of care to help children and families regain their self-confidence. We will help identify solutions for hard to manage problems and steer a course towards optimism, newly realised potential and a positive future.

Our wide range of services include:

  • Consultation to families and professionals
  • Day and inpatient interventions
  • Assessment: individual and family
  • Treatment: individual, group and family
  • School and community reintegration

Our approach is holistic and solution-focused, and our multidisciplinary ethos aims to make each admission as short as possible. This approach enables each child and family to return to their community with greater strengths and the ability to sustain positive changes.

We are also able to offer a number of training workshops to professional agencies working with children and families.

These include:

  • The management of challenging behaviour
  • Solution-focused work with children and families
  • Working with translators
  • Child protection

How to access these services

Referrals must come via a community CAMHS team. The service accepts referrals via telephone, fax or email. For further information please see the Collingham Centre website or contact the referral coordinator on 020 7361 7940.

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