Psychotherapy services

Our psychotherapy services provide assessment and treatment to help people with complex difficulties, who are keen to understand themselves better.

Assessment may be followed by any of the following treatments:

Individual psychotherapy:A talking and listening treatment that uses the relationship between patient and therapist to identify and change (often hidden) patterns of thoughts and feelings that hamper the patient's emotional life.

Group psychotherapy: As with individual therapy, but also benefiting from the relationship with and different perspectives from other group members, who have similar but distinct problems.

Cognitive behavioural therapy: A structured treatment aimed at changing unhelpful thinking patterns and finding more helpful ways of coping.

Cognitive analytic therapy: A therapy where unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour are thought about and mapped out on paper, paying careful attention to relationships and finding ways to break out of negative cycles.

Family therapy: Sometimes a person's illness can act as a spokesperson for a family's difficulties. The therapy team works with the whole family to draw on their strengths and overcome their shared difficulties.

How to access these services:

We accept referrals from other mental health care professionals.

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