Electro-convulsive therapy (ECT)

Eight out of 10 patients who received electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) respond well to the treatment. People who have had the treatment say it makes them “feel themselves" again.

Most people who have ECT prescribed for them suffer from severe depression or, more rarely, some other major mental disorder. Although there are tablets to help with depression and other mental illnesses, some people do not recover completely and others take a long time to recover. ECT is often used for these patients. In some cases of depression, ECT may be the best choice of treatment – it might even be life-saving.

ECT is available to all patients across the Trust as prescribed. It is also available to patients at the Cygnet Hospital in Harrow and the Nightingale Hospital in Marylebone.

ECT treatment is administered at the sites listed below. Patients should attend the site that is geographically nearest to their current treatment area. Transfer to the appropriate site will be co-ordinated by the ECT nurse. If the patient is currently an outpatient they will be escorted to/or met at the appropriate site by their care coordinator.

St Charles Mental Health Centre
Serving St Charles Hospital, South Kensington & Chelsea,Westminster and Nightingale Hospital. Clinics are held every Monday and Thursday mornings at 09:00.

Northwick Park Mental Health Centre
Serving Northwick Park and Park Royal Centre for Mental Health and Cygnet Hospital Harrow. Clinics are held every Tuesday and Friday mornings at 09:00.


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