Memory services

Memory services provide assessment and diagnosis of dementia and provide ongoing support and information to people with memory problems and their carers.

Memory services are specialist services for people of any age who may be experiencing memory difficulties, which includes early onset dementia.  All our memory services have no upper or lower age limit so will assess and work with people of any age who may have or suspect they have memory problems.

All teams have access to medical staff, specialist dementia nurses, occupational therapists, and psychologists. Most boroughs also have Admiral Nurses in their teams who specialise in supporting carers. 

Memory services offer a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s memory, ensuring that if dementia is an issue a diagnosis is given as soon as possible. Once the diagnosis is given the services can help to support individuals in coming to terms with their diagnosis and provide useful strategies and treatments to help people minimise their memory difficulties.  Our aim is to help people live independently and safely.

People may need this service if they are:

  • Having difficulty remembering day-to-day things.
  • Starting to forget dates and appointments.
  • Getting in a muddle with finances, paying bills etc.
  • Finding that they are losing things around the house.
  • Finding it harder to remember names.
  • Having difficulty following conversations.
  • Carer is having difficulty coping.

 Any of these difficulties may result in anxiety, frustration, anger, high levels of stress and a feeling of isolation. The teams are there to help patients and carers to manage these feelings.


How to access these services:

People can be referred to memory services by their GP or directly via another specialist practitioner such as a neurologist or medical staff in another hospital.  In the latter case, the Memory Service will inform the GP of the referral.

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