Perinatal mental health

Perinatal mental health is designed to meet the physical and mental health needs of all women who are booked to deliver their baby at St Mary’s or Hillingdon Hospital. 

The service offers assessment and ongoing management to enhance maternity care for women and their families. 

What does the service offer? 

  • Preconception advice for women on psychiatric medication and promotion of positive mental health
  • Advice on prescribing psychiatric medication in pregnancy and lactation
  • Assessment and management of mental health needs of expectant mothers. Identification and management of the impact of obstetric complications on psychiatric conditions. Assessment of the risk of relapse in the postnatal period with a view of formulating a management plan to minimise the risk.
  • Screening for bonding and attachment related difficulties
  • Management planning for women with severe and enduring mental illness booked for delivery at St Mary’s or Hillingdon Maternity Unit in partnership with local community mental health teams
  • Assessment and management of psychiatric emergencies on the maternity and neonatology/paediatric units or perinatal psychiatric emergencies attending A&E  
  • Assessment for suitability for medium to long term psychological intervention - these are specialist perinatal psychology services such as Talking Therapies or secondary psychotherapy services
  • Training and supervision of midwives, Health Visitors and allied professionals.
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Dr Maddalena Miele

Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead

r Maddalena Miele has led the Perinatal Mental Health Service at St Mary’s Hospital, in partnership with the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust maternity unit since 2009.